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Cat-Id-Tags Luxury Cat & Small Dog Accessories
Beautiful ID Tag Jewelry, Bells & Collars for your special pet
Official Distributor of Genuine Animalstars Swarovski Crystal Tags and Collars

Sekhmet the Toyger Cat - Animalstars tags and collarsSee Sekhmet the Toyger Cat and her Bengal, Main Coon + Pals in a Cat Wheel Film Short!

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Cat - Small Dog Id Tags - $12.95 USD

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ON SALE! Cat - Small Dog Swarovski® Crystal Id Tags - $58.95 USD

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Glamorous Swarovski Crystal Cat Id Tags & Matching Swarovski Crystal Cat Collars w/ safety straps,
Small Dog Crystal Collars & Soft colorful leather collars, rolled and braided. Leads - leashes to match.
Keep track of kitties and small dogs with our beautiful sterling silver, nickel silver & brass Pet bells.

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Luci & Lexi modeling their FEO tags. Noah in his Peridot fully Jeweled tag.
Amen Ra in his Gatsby style Swarovski Crystal covered Safety Collar.
Bella in her Amethyst, Pink Sapphire and diamond studded Newport style Safety Collar.

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Hand crafted, Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone & leather Safety Collars and matching crystal inlaid engraved Cat Id Tags & jewelry charms for your wonderful cat! Heart & star shaped cat tags, solid yellow bronze or nickel silver. Kitty name engraved in front, hand painted, or fully stoned with Swarovski crystals, Cat Id Tags are one inch in diameter. Cat Tag artwork includes the Jolly Roger Pirate, Maltese or Crusaders Cross, crown, Martini Glass, Guardian Angel, yin yang, Sheriff & Deputy, Mouse, etc. Elegant, classy, sophisticated, sparkling, glitzy, glamorous, Swarovski crystal, beautiful, gorgeous, fancy, designer Cat Id Tags, cat charms and matching Cat Safety Collars! You pick the Cat Collar style, the crystal colors for your collar, the metal and the leather color! We also have small toy dog collars in every style.

Specialty Id Tags - $48.95 - $78.95 USD

Tags and Collars are Hand Crafted in the USA

Dedicated to Your Beautiful Pure Bred or Mixed Breed Cats!

Abyssinian     American Bobtail     American Curl     American Shorthair     American Wirehair     Asian     Australian Mist     Australian Tiffanie     Balinese     Bengal     Birman     Bombay     British Shorthair     Burmese     Burmilla     Chantilly - Tiffany     California Spangled     Chartreux     Chausie     Colorpoint Shorthair     Cornish Rex     Devon Rex     Don Sphynx     Egyptian Mau     European Burmese     European Shorthair     Exotic Shorthair     German Rex     Havana Brown     Himalayan     Japanese Bobtail     Japanese     Korat     LaPerm     Maine Coon     Manx     Munchkin     Nebelung     Norwegian Forest     Ocicat     Oriental Longhair     Oriental Shorthair     Persian     Peterbald     Pixie Bob     Ragamuffin     Ragdoll     Russian Blue     Savannah     Scottish Fold    
Selkirk Rex     Siamese     Siberian     Singapura     Somali     Sphynx     Tiffanie     Tonkinese    Toyger     Turkish Angora     Turkish Van .......

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CAT ID TAGS BOUTIQUE Fancy RHINESTONE COLLARS, Designer Crystal pet ID TAGS Charms, bells.